What were common dances in the 1980s?The 80’s was a great time in history. Dancing moves that were adopted in the 1980s are making a come back into our societies. The recurring of these dancing styles are driven by various reasons, among them is the death of Michael Jackson. Even today, many people are interested to know more about him still.

Among his achievements, there are great dance moves. He is the creator of the moonwalk. He also robotics moves to a science in several of his music videos. It’s no wonder that people are looking to copy his style. When you try to imitate these movements, you will quickly see that they take the time to master. Jackson has certainly made them very easy!

The 1980s ushered the emergence of various genres of music, that spawned great interesting and famous dances. The new modes of mainstream music such as electronics hip-hop dance and Latin.later dances which followed these sounds have also enrolled the pop art landscape. Numerous of the most famous dance forms still survive in the 21st century. Below are some common dances of the 1980s.


Breakdance later turned into the most mainstream move fever of the 1980s, developing with the fame of rap and hip-hop. Breakdancing envelops an assortment of developments, from hands over the head and in reverse swings to musical popping and obstructing of the joints. Most breakdancers performed in groups (or “teams”) that contended with each other in “fights” of breakdancing. The notoriety of breakdance amid the 1980s even brought about films, including “Breakin ‘” in 1984 and furthermore the continuation “Breakin’ 2: later Electric Boogaloo”


In the scenes of punk, bad-to-the-bone and furthermore a substantial metal, a move called moshing was created in the 1980s. Be that as it may, it didn’t look much like a move. Moshing comprises of a horde of individuals, typically near the phase amid a show, beating their bodies upon each other or bouncing all over to the cadence of the music being played. Some mosh boxes wound up savage and caused some feedback and were even restricted in a few shows. Moshing additionally generated the pattern of mass surfing, in which individuals are lifted up and taken to the highest point of the group.

The Robot

Presently played for grins, the Robot was a perplexing and intriguing piece of the breakdance sort. Otherwise called the Manikin, the Robot comprises of inflexible and robotic developments of the head, arms and midsection. The Robot is regularly connected with hip-jump, but at the same time was hit the dance floor with the achievement of Styx from 1983 “Mr. Roboto” and was already utilized by the Jacksons in the 1970s. It is nevertheless connected by some present performers like Chris Brown.


Lambada is the style for couples that started in South America, in spite of the fact that the correct nation of inception isn’t clear. The move was promoted in 1989 when the French gathering Kaoma recorded a melody titled “Lambada” set in a customary Lambada tune.The song finally climbed the American charts and ignited a madness for Latin dance. Two films were released in 1990 to capitalize on that madness, “Lambada” and “The Forbidden Dance.”

Schools to go through the trends and one that is common at this time is the dance of the 80s. This type of dance comprises a lot of movement with the feet and the head. There is a lot of freedom involved with this type of music, and that is why it is so attractive. You do not have to memorize particular steps or movements to participate in them.

Do not worry, because if you like slow dances, the 80s also have many ballads to offer. In fact, it seems that every great rock and roll band of the 80s had at least one hit with a ballad.

You can brush up on some of your 80’s dance moves though. Break dancing was in that era even though it continued on through the 90’s. If you aren’t sure you want to go back to that, why not consider the worm? This is one which requires lots of practice to reach the middle of the body up again and to inch forward.

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